Finger Print in India


It was in the year 1897 that the first Finger Print Bureau of the world was set up in Calcutta (now Kolkata). Since then there has been tremendous advancement in the field of Finger Print Science with the advent of indigenous Automated Finger Print Identification System, to procurement of State-of-art Live Scanning Systems by CFPB and State Finger Print Bureaux. Today, 29 Fingerprint Bureaux are functioning in the States/UTs. The Central Finger Print Bureau (CFPB) of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) maintains the Fingerprint Records of Inter-State and International criminals convicted / arrested under Indian Penal Code (IPC) and various other Acts.

'Finger Print in India-2015' presents the status of the State Finger Print Bureaux during the year 2015 with respect to their transaction activity, staff strength and the level of automation, in a common format. History, functions and operational activities of CFPB and other State FPBx in India for the last three years (2013-2015) have been narrated in the first two chapters. This year we have also added the achievements of CFPB, along with the list of Research Papers published by CFPB personnel in Chapter-I. The table of contents too has been made more comprehensible and precise. The third chapter gives the sanctioned and actual staff strength of CFPB and State FPBx as on 31.12.2015.

Important cases across the country during the year 2015, where Finger Prints found at the Scene of Crime (SOC) played a pivotal role in identifying the criminals and solving the cases, have been highlighted in Chapter-4. Details of important F.P. Document cases examined, Unknown Dead Bodies (UDB) identified have also found place in Chapter-IV.

The chapters 5 & 6 deal with the Computerisation in Finger Prints and Modern Equipment as well as also its status in the various State Finger Print Bureaux. The need for automation and the evolution of indigenous Automated Fingerprint Identification System is discussed. Also included is the description of Semi Automatic System, a precursor to the Automated Finger Print Identification System (AFIS), Fingerprint Analysis and Criminal Tracing System (FACTS), the Indian version of AFIS, its scope, functions, various versions and the benefits over the manual system. The concluding chapter of this publication brings out the comparative performance statements of State FPBx for the year 2015 pertaining to the ten digit Finger Print Record & Search Slips, Scene of Crime and Document Cases.